Testimonials 2

MARGO HAZAN – Portraits

I am delighted with my photos.  They are just the ticket that I needed.   The background is wonderful.  Thank you for your efforts and you skillful directions in letting Margo shine.  Seeing the photos during the course of the shoot was extremely helpful.  And thank you also for the Photoshop demonstration; it looks like such fun.

It was a delight to meet you.  I thank you for your kind hospitality and I hope we will meet again.


INFINITE FAMILY – Building Net Families Around African Children

Amy Conrad Stokes, Founder

I just want you to know that the photography you provided of Infinite Family’s Launch Gala was truly a gift.  Your photos are magnificent.  I must admit that I did not understand or appreciate the irreplaceable value of professional photography. 

Your approach to capturing the spirit of the evening – and your amazing skill in doing so are very admirable and impressive. I am so thankful you shared your vision and talents with our young organization.

Thank you so very much.



Janice Ashby, Founder

To Whom It May Concern: Just the other evening, while I was talking with a senior executive at a Gala function, we both watched Anna in action as she took photographs of guests and performers. Her smile as she approached them, her laughter as she positioned them to the best and most flattering effect and their obvious enjoyment of the experience, were all something I knew and took for granted.  But he was in awe.  She had recently done the same for him and the experience, not to mention the outstanding photographs that she had taken, had him completely enthused.

 What he saw and admired though was just a part of this talented person.  Anna has only been a professional photographer for six or so years. Before that she was an avid amateur photographer but spent most of her working life as a business and marketing consultant.  So, here we have a smart, thinking, concerned, warm, experienced, business woman and deeply creative person. I constantly go to her for advice, we talk things through, argue a little and I can make my decisions with a sense of security that I would not have without her input. 

Anna’s concern for the plight of our crafting artisans in Zimbabwe is profound and she has given us unstintingly of her time and insights.  For this reason, we asked her to sit on our Board of Directors and are proud to have her with us.

Her personal joy that she can now devote herself entirely to photography is much admired by those who know her well.  We watched as she evolved professionally and learned the techniques she needed and we all knew that she would make a success of whatever new venture she undertook.  Determination, enthusiasm and talent are the foundations on which she has built her life, leavened with her tremendous joie de vivre, her inspiring joy of life.