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The Africa-America Institute (AAI)
Fiona Dunne, Senior Director
Corporate and External Affairs

Dear Anna,

We have greatly appreciated the photography work you have done for The Africa-America Institute (AAI) over the past several years. From photographing our events to taking portraits of our alumni, your work has been continually impressive and of excellent quality.

The portraits you provided of our alumni for our upcoming annual report, particularly those of Ambassador Ismael Gaspar Martins, Ambassador from Angola to the United Nations, were fantastic. The success of the resulting photos was due in large part to your ability to pose the subjects against backdrops, such as the United Nations, in a way that captured and highlighted their work. The photos are exactly what we needed to complete our report.

In addition, the photos that you took of our Annual Awards Gala captured the excitement and success of the evening.. At the event, you were able to photograph the guests at the reception as well as the entire program of the event, which included a key note speech by President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete of Tanzania. This speaks volumes of your ability to take beautiful photographs in a variety of settings and environments as well as your poise working with diplomats, high level government and corporate individuals.

Furthermore, the AAI Awards Gala was featured in Town & Country Magazine and your photos from the event were featured in the article, which highlights the high caliber of your work. The magazine spread of the event looked amazing thanks to your photography.

AAI would like to thank you for all your effort and work and look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming years.


From: Diana Butler, BearingPoint Management & Technology, NY

To:  Claire Lester, Financial Times Global Conferences, London 

Good morning Claire,

I seem to recall that we are going to hire a photographer for the May 10th event.  I'd like to take the liberty of suggesting someone who we have worked with before who Paul thinks the world of.  She is fantastic and would be a huge asset to our event.  Here are some samples and contact information below.


Cheers,  Diana