About Anna Morris

Anna Morris was born in London, raised there and in Cape Town, South Africa. As a teenager, she became an avid photographer, inseparable from her Roliflex and building her own darkroom.

She lived in London in the 60's and studied Marketing Communications at night school.  After a stint of working for Sir Francis Chichester, the round-the-world yachtsman and another for a very big domestic appliance company, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland and lived there for two years, working for an American financial services company, IOS.

In 1971, Anna moved back to Cape Town where she attended the MBA program at the University of Cape Town after which she went to Johannesburg. There she worked in  financial communications for an industrial conglomerate, the SAB Group. After 4 years, Anna switched careers and became the Executive Director of a large non-profit organization. All the while, Anna took photographs.

It was time to leave South African and in the 1980s, with the help of UJA-Federation of New York, Anna moved to the USA. She gained her American marketing stripes and studied direct response marketing while working for Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company as their marketing director for New England.

Later Anna formed Morris & Associates, Business Development Consultants which had a variety of clients and assignments.  She also became an American citizen.  In 1992, Anna started a successful music distribution business – gift CDs packaged in round tins, sold through non-traditional distribution, mainly gift stores and catalogues – building it from the ground up to $2 million in sales in three years.  During that time, Anna had made the switch from film to digital photography and has never looked back.

In 2003, after experiencing a personal tragedy, Anna felt that she needed to make a complete change in her life. She says: ”I decided to do something I'd always wanted to do – become a professional photographer.”  She did just that – and her photographs and clients attest to her outstanding work. Seven years after she started, Anna says “I'm so very happy with my life as a photographer. Long may it continue!”